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Curriculum vitae


Personal data

Born on 30.10.1965 in Wegscheid near Passau, Germany.  Marital status single, one son.


First tongue German, fluent English, basic Spanish and French.



Information Technology

Solaris System Administration 2 SA-287, Sun Enterprise Cluster Administration ES-331, Veritas Volume Manager with StorEdge ES-310, VITRIA System Administration BW 4.3, TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x Administration BW651, TIBCO EMS 4.x Administration EMS301, TIBCO Hawk 4.x Administration HWK301, Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Advanced Administration Ed 2, ITIL Foundation Certificate IT Service Management
Professional experience (references)
Analysis, design, development, integration, administration, training. 
Expertise in Solaris, Debian GNU/Linux, AIX, Mac OS X, iPhone OS, Windows, Veritas, TCP/IP, security, Sun hardware, all major Internet services, middleware (see also job history).
Programming in object-oriented python, perl, shell, tcl, make, awk, Lisp, SQL, C, JavaScript, Java.  IDEs Emacs, Eclipse, cvs, svn.

Molecular Biology

Graduate biology at LMU Munich.
Professional experience
DNA cloning and sequencing, PCR, various blot techniques, in vitro expression, working with human cell cultures and HIV in the L3 laboratory.


Job History

09 2017 -
amadeus data processing Erding, SRE, Systems Programmer
Development, test and operation of a distributed system for the company-wide configuration of databases (Oracle, Mariadb, MS SQL in the local data center and Azure). & nbsp; Development of new endpoints based on FastastAPI and Sqlalchemy as well as unit tests with pytest. & nbsp;
Implementation of an object-oriented python library with REST interface to Ansible AWX, based on this, python scripts for testing automated database installations in Azure. & nbsp;
Automation of Mariadb 10.5 Installation in RH 8.5 Containers, Orchestrator / Exporter OpenShift Deployments, TLS encryption, RSA Key and X509 Certificate management with Venafi, user management in Cyberark. & nbsp; Integration of Mariadb Audit Logging on Unix Domain Sockets via rsyslog TCP forwarding to Splunk.
Automation of the installation and migration of Oracle 12G Shared Nothing clusters on 19c and patching, golden gate installation, configuration and synchronization. & nbsp; Synchronization of Mariadb / Oracle database user accounts and cyberark accounts via Ansible, Jenkins Pipelines and AWX. & nbsp; Design, test driven development and continuous integration of an Oracle 12c "database as a service" platform:   Bitbucket/git hosted ansible roles and python modules, continuous testing with molecule, docker, openstack, VMWare, vagrant, jenkins, artifactory, AWX.  Project management with JIRA and scrum, agile, XP and DevOps.  
Data scraping and analysis of a complex PEGA driven website:  Python selenium, pandas, xpath, json, git.  
Complete automation of NVME flash card replacements on Oracle 11 shared nothing clusters with terabyte scaled direct attached flash:  ansible roles and python modules, bash, awk, SQL, git.  
07 2017 -
08 2017
SAP SE / Hybris München, Platform Implementation Engineer
Automation of 3-tier infrastructure setup and Hybris software deployment in several global datacenters.  Debian, CentOS, F5, apache, tomcat, Oracle, HANA DB, ansible, puppet.  Bugtracking in JIRA, documentation in Confluence, 3rd Level Support, Incident Management. 
06 2014 -
03 2017
amadeus data processing Erding, System analyst
Planning, programming, implementation and operations of a distributed application and web frontend for management of a thousand TLS encrypted worldwide B2B connections and their related X.509 certificates.   Design and progamming of an API to the internal ITS and of an API to the internal ESB.   DevOps and agile development with python, bash, SQL.   Handover of the whole project to Bangalore, India with extensive training on the job of the new staff.   Deployment to 50 hosts with ansible and ssh, Version control with git / Atlassian bitbucket.   Project management and bugtracking with JIRA, documentation with Confluence.   Debugging of TLS traffic routed via or terminating on BlueCoat Proxy, F5 BigIP, Cisco and Palo Alto Appliances, active support of major configuration changes.   Detailed analysis of all ESB terminated TLS connections in regard to vulnerabilities and PCI-DSS V3.1 compliance checks and upgrades.   From scratch realtime BAM POC for correlation of b2b Customers to PCI-DSS compliance.   Introduction of TCIL keepalives in the amadeus service bus "Services Integrator".   JBoss heap dump analysis and debugging.   Integration and fault clearance of amadeus middleware on Linux.   Systems architecture check for single point of failures and readiness for virtualization.   Automation, testing and scripting in object oriented python, bash, awk, expect, ansible for commandline and CGI interfaces.   Documentation, development, incident, change and project management, issue tracking and in-company-training in Atlassian Confluence, JIRA, Stash and git.  
07 2013 -
05 2014
BMW Munich, UNIX datacenter operations
Installation, integration and administration of several thousand UNIX servers. SUSE Linux, Solaris, AIX. Veritas Storage Foundation and VCS 5.1 and 6, Xen, linux LVM, SAN and NAS, Nagios.
03 2013 -
05 2013
finanz informatik technologie service Munich
Prototyping and testing of a new loadbalancing architecture for the Bank of Scotland, automation of deployments, SSL debugging.
Development of user session statistics analysis in perl, awk, tcl, SQL and bash.
Operating Systems / Software :
Red Hat Linux, Solaris, Oracle Application Server and FLEXCUBE, ssldump.
07 2011 -
03 2013
Commerz Finanz Munich
Administration, 3rd level support, troubleshooting, root cause analysis and fault clearance of highly available customer credit systems.
Automation of Compilation, deployment and operations of heterogenous Middleware in C/C++, Java/XML, awk, perl, python, bash, scheme, Maven.
Migration from Oracle WLS 11g to JBoss 7.
Complete data center update from Red Hat 5 to 6.2 with Satellite 5, Kickstart and scripting.
Consolidation of the cluster concept with F5 loadbalancer.
Programming of CGI und commandline scripts in bash, awk, perl, python, tcl and SQL with svn control.
Development, configuration and distribution of SNMP driven Nagios plugins.
Documentation, scrum workshops, handling of certificates.
Operating Systems / Middleware :
Red Hat 5 and 6.2, Scientific Linux, Debian, Solaris, F5 TMOS, Windows. Tomcat, Apache, Nagios, Opsview, WLS 11, JBoss 7, Hudson, Jenkins. Talend, Guardean Risk Suite, Assentis.
08 2010 -
06 2011
Bundesagentur für Arbeit Nuremberg
Automation of Oracle WLS, OSB, SOA Suite 11g and OFM middleware installations in a complex PKI infrastructure on SuSE Linux.  Automation of password and asymmetric key protected software distribution using gnupg-agent and expect.  Integration of apache loadbalancer with mod_weblogic, monitoring with GNU software.  3rd level support, programming in shell, WLST, python and tcl on cvs based revision control, documentation with MediaWiki.  Passed German Security Check Ü1 according to § 8 SÜG.
2008 -
sbs Munich
Trainer for Internet Security: Firewalls, hacking, intrusion detection and prevention, securing mail and internet gateways. Development, integration and customer service for an own series of good value next generation INS-Servers (Internet, NAS, SAN). 
Software: Opensolaris, amongst others ZFS Raid-Z2 with self-healing data and deduplication.
Hardware: Ultra low power silent embedded appliances, 64bit CPU, ECC RAM, 3-30 TB net storage.
04 2010 -
05 2010
IBM Germany Business Services GmbH
3rd level support TIBCO ESB core systems of Media Saturn GmbH.  7/24 Administration, training, documentation, debugging of Hawk and EMS IP network problems.  Fail over and cluster scenarios BW Services and Adapters, implementation of EMS monitoring.  Programming in perl and ksh.  AIX on IBM Power Systems.   Validation of customer requests and implementations.
10 2009 -
11 2009
TIBCO Software Rotterdam, KPN Den Haag
TIBCO EMS High Availability based on Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System and EMC SAN on Sun Solaris 10.
Implementation of a new test environment on Opensolaris Zones with EMS hot/warm standby Cluster.  Development of fail over test scenarios with bash, Java, perl, svn.  Successful testing and in time go live of the new EMS Backbone on Sun M5000 Servers. 
09 2008 -
11 2008
Mondial Assistance Munich
Business logic and connection of various branch offices and subsidiaries.  Object oriented perl, emacs, svn, Eclipse EPIC, SOAP, XML, Java, GNU/Linux, SAP MaxDB, Avaya and Asterisk TK.
12 2004 -
01 2008
o2 Germany GmbH & Co.OHG, Munich
Analyst, application owner EAI BCS, service manager
Planning, vendor selection, design and architecture of the future Business Activity Monitoring based on TIBCOs BusinessEvents. 
Architecture, design and test scenarios for monitoring.  Development and implementation of a uniform cross-company framework integrating the monitoring systems TIBCO Hawk and BMC Patrol.  Semi-automated generation, cloning and deployment of structured Hawk rulesets from microagent dumps in the future business systems.  Orchestration of Hawk agents and eventservice via Rendezvous.  Reviews about architecture, design and implementation of the SOA-based future business systems.  Optimization of business systems and processes.  Reorganization of EAI BCS (Business Customer stack) operations, system integration, documentation, automation of fault analysis and correction with object-oriented perl/CGI. 
VITRIA Businessware, TIBCO BusinessWorks BusinessEvents EMS Hawk Rendezvous, ILOG, Arbor BP, PeopleSoft, BMC Patrol, BEA, Tomcat, Tuxedo, Oracle.
06 2004 -
12 2004
BMW Munich, system integration
Installation, integration and administration of about 3000 web- and applicationserver instances on roughly 500 servers.  BEA Weblogic, Tomcat, Apache and Iplanet on Solaris and Linux, Oracle, Nagios.  Integration of Weblogic Adminserver with Veritas Cluster.
01 2003 -
05 2004
ixsys, director, CTO.
Customer care, project management, development of internet security appliances and security training.
Development of a scalable, highly available terabyte Network Attached Storage.
Hardware: IBM xSeries server, fibre channel linked IDE hardware raids.
Software: Veritas ServPoint NAS (File System, Volume Manager, Cluster Server, NetBackup), Red Hat Linux.
07 2002 -
12 2002
Readytorun GmbH, senior consultant.
Training of employees, development of a CD-ROM booted firewall containing proxies, spam- and virusfilters, snort IDS and VPN.
03 1999 -
07 2002
Consol GmbH, senior consultant (testimonial).
Sun Microsystems second level software support hotline, two months training on the job as timezone engineer in San Francisco, USA.  Trainings with Sun OS and Hardware, Veritas, TCP/IP and Solstice OSI.
Project management and development of the object oriented perl based EAI between Sun Radiance and Consol Call Manager.  Programming of object oriented Perl APIs for the Sun Web applikation PLC tool (PLM and PDM).   Short-term Projects in Hamburg and Hannover. 
1997 -
Infranet AG, administrator.
Installation and configuration of NT and Linux servers and Cisco routers in the area of Munich to Garmisch. Administration of the TCP/IP LAN/WAN with mail and web servers, proxies, DNS, dial-in nodes, routers and firewalls. Customer care and documentation.
1996 -
3Com GIS Central Europe, system engineer (testimonial).
PC Configuration on DOS, WIN 3.11/95/NT4.0, maintenance of necessary hardware. Administration of the internal Novell and NT network, helpdesk and support of users.
1994 -
Sendezentrum München, Teleprompter
in the television direction of DSF as well as in Bavaria Digital / Focus-TV, PC support.
1993 -
Chambers of Farago and translation bureau Gunther Karsten, patent translator
for natural sciences (English/German).  Own application at the German patent office (DE0009408083U1, Pictogramm zur Fahrzeugführung).



Current Lessons for master of computer science at Fernuniversität Hagen.
1996 Courses at the Leibnitz Rechenzentrum Munich.
1988 -
Studies in biology at the LMU Munich.  Diploma thesis in molecular biology and genetics, final grade 1.9
1985 -
Chemistry studies at the University of Würzburg.
1975 -
Secondary school Untergriesbach, A-levels grade 2.2